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  1. J

    Lp molted

    Another fresh molt of my lp
  2. J

    C lividum

    On Friday I got myself a c lividum and may I say gorgeous. My problem is it's already in a enclosure. 2" of substrate and a flowerpot hide.and for those 2 days it's been out in the open. As u all know it's a pet hole and likes to burrow and web up.si my question is shall I leave her to settle...
  3. J

    T vagens molt

    Freshly molted last night.
  4. J

    P matalica

    Just a quick one is she molting
  5. J

    N chormatus

    A new addition
  6. J

    A geniculata

    How good does she look from before when I thought she was dying.
  7. J

    C marshalli

    Just had her meal.stunning t
  8. J


    I thought I would share a picture of Herbert my male mainland retic he is the best.
  9. J

    P metallica

  10. J

    G pulcra

    Check this t
  11. J

    A geniculata

    Just a quick update on my acanthoscurria geniculata has made a recovery and eating again I'm so relieved I thought she was going to die,.thanks to everyone for your help. James.
  12. J

    C marshalli

    I have a question I've come home from work and my c marshalli has made a roof of webbing is this normal.here is the pic
  13. J

    B hamori

    Have a look at this beautiful t
  14. J

    Gramastola pulchtipes

    Check out this beautiful t
  15. J

    Curly hair

    Check out the curls
  16. J

    A chalcodes

    One beautiful t indeed
  17. J

    B vagens

    So I gets back from work check on the ts and it looks like b vagens has had the JCB s in.
  18. J


    How pretty is she
  19. J

    B vagans

    What a stunning t
  20. J

    Dying t

    Hi every one I came home the other day and my juvi acanthscuria geniculata looks like she is dying.she is motionless she was on her side.she has recently molted which was fine anybody with any suggestions why this is happening.