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  1. tigx

    US Slings & Enclosures

    While adding to my collection sometimes you have to buy a few more to get a good deal. I'm no dealer or breeder, but I am honest. Already sold a bunch for local pick up, and happy to see that most of them were newbies and/or left the hobby and came back. So that made the resell even more...
  2. tigx

    Tattoo Ink Cups for water dishes

    I thought I was the genius, just like everyone else that stumbled upon using tattoo ink cups as sling / juveniles water dishes. There's a lot of messages to post on the use, but I feel that there's needs to be a post announcing this great idea that should be common practice. The cups are so...
  3. tigx

    Issues with raising Slings

    I'm curious to learn your gripes about hatching and then raising slings. I've seen photos of people's setup with hundreds of vials. I can guess opening each one, feeding, misting, etc each day? I think there's a certain therapeutic joy from hours of giving the newborn Ts a parental attention...
  4. tigx

    Proud to show-off our Vivarium

    What do you think? Any suggestions for improvement? My son and I just got into the hobby, and started to bond more during COVID. We're happy to add two new slings, our Cameroon Red Baboon (Hysterocrates Gigas) and Antilles Pinktoe (Caribena Versicolor). Two Styles of Enclosures We hand...
  5. tigx

    Hobbyist made Enclosures

    Selling our hobbyist-made plexi-enclosures. We hand drilled each one, which takes about 5-10 mins each. I find that these tiny vents allow 360 air flow and doesn't dry out the Ts that need higher humidity, or Ts that need a nice and dry environment. The comparison would be the same containers...