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  1. ArachnoKing

    Cobalt Blue’s New Enclosure :)

    Thoughts on the new enclosure ? :) I made sure to add a good enough of substrate and I even got a bigger tank for my T. She made a borrow and you can see her at the bottom of the tank
  2. ArachnoKing


    Is anyone selling M Balfouri? I am looking to buy a good amount of them. :)
  3. ArachnoKing

    US 4” Inch cyriopagopus lividus for sale

    4” inch cobalt blue for sale ! Pm me if your interested she’s a great eater
  4. ArachnoKing


    I’m looking for a mature female Poecilotheria Vittata. Only if you are located in Florida due to laws.
  5. ArachnoKing


    2$ Per Bumble Millipede 8$ for Colony of 10 Bumble Millipedes Pm me for shipping quote and more info\photos
  6. ArachnoKing

    Thoughts on C Lividum enclosure ?

    I just picked up this cobalt blue any thoughts on the enclosure ? I added in leaves and small twigs (which were boiled before being put in the enclosure) and sphagnum moss and some plastic plants. I also added a colony of about 25 isopods with my T. So far I haven’t had any problems and it’s...
  7. ArachnoKing


    Any female pokies for sale ? Pm me or reply
  8. ArachnoKing

    Isopods and Tarantulas

    What are the best Isopods to keep with tarantulas ? And springtails as well? I’m working on a bio active enclosure and I’d like to know what are the best options when it comes to clean up crew. Thanks !
  9. ArachnoKing

    US Milipedes For Sale (PM ME FOR PICTURES)

    Millipedes For Sale Bumble Bee Milipedes (Anadenobolus monilicornis) 2$ Each // 10$ For A Colony Of 8 // Skarlet Milipedes (Trigoniulus corallinus) 2$ Each // 10$ For A Colony Of 8 // PM FOR MORE INFO/PICTURES
  10. ArachnoKing

    Thoughts on this P. Ornata Setup?

    Thoughts on this enclosure? it is for a MM Poecilotheria Ornata.
  11. ArachnoKing

    Mature Male P. Ornata

    This is my male P. Ornata. If anyone is interested in a breeding loan please comment or pm me
  12. ArachnoKing

    Breeding Loan Poecilotheria Ornata

    Anybody want to breed there female P. Ornata with my male? Just picked him up and was sold as unsexed and I came home and found out the hard way when I had a better look at him lol. Might as well breed him before his times up