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    Could you please PM me, Interested in the GBB, Crestie, monsoon mister and you stated you have some enclosures for sale?
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    US ISO: C. minax slings-juvis

    Looking for a few....3-4 minax slings or juvis. Located in 42071 for shipment.
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    US WTB: Chilobrachys fumosus

    As title states. Looking for C. fumosus aka "Black Satan" Mainly looking for slings/juvis Wanting to purchase multiples up to 5 +/- Located in 42071 for shipping Also have things to trade if you are interested.
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    Having some trouble with propper Hogna sp. ID

    Got this big feisty girl a few months back. She was WC is southern Florida. At the time I was lead to beleive she was Hogna carolinensis. Which I was happy to accept. As time has progressed and I have done more digging. It seems to me she may be something else. Her size and coloration just dont...
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    US Adult pair ghost mantis

    I currently have about 250 Ts in about 100 different sp. So you tell me lol
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    US Adult pair ghost mantis

    What kind of trades are you looking for?
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    US ISO: Zoo Med Reptibreeze Nano

    Just wondering if someone may have one laying around before I buy a new one. Let me know, Thanks:)
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    US ISO: AF P. Antinous

    Looking for a female as my male is 1-2 molts from being mature. Located in 42071 for shipping purposes. Please reply or PM if you have one available. Funds will be sent via paypal (I know I'm new here, trying to cover all bases so you all know I'm legit.)
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    US ISO: ummidia sp.

    Hello all, I have been searching far and wide for 1 or 2 ummadia sp. Trap door spiders. Any possible leads here?