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  1. Hydra

    Odd behavior , might need help ...

    So one of my arazona blonde slings is hopping on its back sitting thare for a few days then will hop back on it's belly and act normal .... I thought it was trying to molt but now I'm not so Shure cuz she moves her legs when she is on her back and no hammock or web of any sort also not in her...
  2. Hydra

    My goofy tarestrial thinks it's arborial.

    No matter how many times I tell my AZ blond to get on the ground whare it belongs I still find it up thare Every few days lol . Your not an arborial silly sling !
  3. Hydra

    Egg sack advise , first time breeding

    Ok so I JUST joined up and wanted opinions on if I should let my arizona blonde female hatch the eggs herself or take the sack away and deal with it that way . I'll mention that she is not a first time mom and when I found her in the wild she actually had over a hundred babys all over her and...