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  1. Logan D

    US Mm p.ornata

    I have a mature Male ornata for sale he molted about 4 months ago asking 80 plus shipping Shipping will include lag as long as it was overnight
  2. Logan D

    US MM P.Regalis

    I have a mature male regalis just matured on 3/16/19 looking to trade him for another pokie or sell him please PM me and we can see about working something out
  3. Logan D

    Is this guy ready to go ?

    Cant really tell if he is mature this is the best picture I can get
  4. Logan D

    Ornata sling suspected male

  5. Logan D

    US male poecilotheria metallica

    if any one knows where I can get one the help would be much appreciated
  6. Logan D

    Poecilotheria regalis male molting

    Wife caught him flipping over and i was lucky to get him molting on timelapse https://1drv.ms/v/s!AlTuzSEVuSnwly90baMffoNR2_g9
  7. Logan D

    Poecilotheria ornata new enclosure

    Just rehoused my female into a 18x18x24x
  8. Logan D

    US Mm ornata or Metallica

    Looking for both of these lmk if you have one for sale
  9. Logan D

    enclosure size for female pokies

    just curious on what size everyone would recommend for adult female pokies you plan to breed such as ornatas like for say would 18 in x 18 in x 24 in be to big for an ornata?
  10. Logan D

    buying dubia in the us

    just wondering where I can buy a starter colony thanks
  11. Logan D

    Mites ?

  12. Logan D

    ornata mature question

    im just curious how you would tell if a male is mature or not since pokies don't have hooks also when would a female be considered mature ? here are their last molt dates female 5/3/2018 male 7/7/2018
  13. Logan D

    US Poecilotheria ornata female

    Looking for a female of any size let me know id you have one for sale please
  14. Logan D

    US iso of Avicularia (Caribena) Versicolor

    looking or a sub adult female or adult female for my daughters birthday on the 17th of October
  15. Logan D

    New additions :)

    So i got offered a deal i absolutely could not turn down and i now have 4 new ts 1 p.metallica adult female 2 p.metallica slings and 1 p.ornata last picture is of the p.metallica enclosure i just put together
  16. Logan D

    sling questions

    so Im just curious on what would be the best container or enclosure for 3rd instar to 1in slings and what would be the easiest method of feeding them and watering their enclosures cause I plan to breed my pokies and just trying to get this figured out before hand
  17. Logan D

    p.regalis wont eat

    okay so I received my p.regalis pair from casey k on the 25th of September ive offered food everyday since the 26th the male has eaten 3 superworms and a cricket so ive decided to stop offering him food for a bit but the female refuses everything like I can putting wiggling superworms right in...
  18. Logan D

    remodeling tarantula forum

    just curious how many people would be happy to see the website revamped with new colors and just basically remodeling the site to potentially draw more people on to the forum we could also include ideas here so what's everyone's thoughts
  19. Logan D

    P.regalis enclosures

  20. Logan D

    poecilotheria regalis

    im brand new to breeding just received my pair of p.regalis from casey k. I plan to breed them once they are the correct size but my question is after breeding them is there anything special I need to do to prompt the female into laying a sac like temp wise? any tips would be very helpful