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  1. octanejunkie

    Pterinochilus murinus

    Leave it be In the future, no rocks in your enclosures
  2. octanejunkie

    Attach files in conversations

    What the hell else would you send? Garsh
  3. octanejunkie

    Lazy, busy, not super active but not apathetic

    Lazy, busy, not super active but not apathetic
  4. octanejunkie

    Substrate settles down?

    I mix coco fiber and peat moss 1:1 and pack it down on install. Never any shrinkage
  5. octanejunkie

    whole new meaning to that spider made me sh!t myself

    This gives me the sh1ts just thinking about it... which is kind of like a cure to IBS in itself
  6. octanejunkie

    US US Captive Bred—SLINGS | MM | MF

    The C versi I got from you are going strong! I have them documented here https://www.tarantulaforum.com/threads/c-versicolor-slings.26378/ I have not updated in a while but I am almost ready to rehouse them after 2-3 molts Is that a BOBO regalis deal I hear? lol Check your PMs
  7. octanejunkie

    Is this a good Burrow that I made for my tarantula?

    As long as the spider likes it, yes
  8. octanejunkie

    US Tarantulas, Scorpions and Centipedes

    Welcome, Matt!
  9. octanejunkie

    US US Captive Bred—SLINGS | MM | MF

    Welcome, Scott!
  10. octanejunkie

    Comment by 'octanejunkie' in media 'P. Sazimai female'

    Stoopid pretty spooder :p
  11. octanejunkie

    What are good temp for my T (day and night)

    Loose the skull, tarantulas hate cliches
  12. octanejunkie

    B or g

    Welcome, and enjoy your new guy/gal
  13. octanejunkie

    Newly Interested

    I think a lot of people are newly interested in things these days. It's not as uncommon as you'd think
  14. Red skies at night

    Red skies at night

    Red LEDs on the rack. The only Ts that react to it are P irminia.
  15. octanejunkie

    First arboreal, first sling setup

    That enclosure is kind of large for a small sling. 2-4x the size of the T is all you need
  16. octanejunkie

    Comment by 'octanejunkie' in media 'My T rack'

    Out collecting tarantulas, obviously lol
  17. OJ's enclosures

    OJ's enclosures

    Pictures of things I keep other things in
  18. My T rack

    My T rack

    There's about 150 critters in there right now
  19. octanejunkie

    Newly Interested

    Hello and welcome! That tank is way too large for that tiny sling and yes, way more substrate is required. I would put that fella in a 6x6x6 container with 3-4" of substrate, water dish and starter burrow/cork bark hide. You want 1.5-2x the Ts DLS in free climbing height max. Look at the...