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  1. timc

    QotW: Feeding

    So, nobody bats 1.000 as we all know, but today I had a good 18 out of 22 tarantulas eat today for a solid 81%. (The other four consisted of two premolts and two posts molts, although the boehmei probably would have eaten). So this week i’m wondering what some of your better feeding days have...
  2. timc

    QotW: Skittish?

    So, I got a new puppy 2 weeks ago and that thing is a lot of work. But, he’s asleep right now so I finally have the time/energy for a Question of the Week! This week I want to talk about what the most skittish tarantula in your collection is. Mine, bizarrely, would be my two Aphonopelma...
  3. timc

    Timc’s verts

    Gritty the gritten Sly “I pretend to be a good boy” the puppy. Waldo (left) and Clyde frog, the red eyes. And last but certainly not least, Mitts, the crested gecko. Hope everyone enjoys these!
  4. timc

    QotW: Favorite Genus

    Had a crazy couple of weeks so didn’t have time to start these threads but we’re back! So this week, I would like to hear everyone’s favorite genus, and why? Color, temperament, ease or difficulty of care, size, I’m curious how we all arrive at the types of tarantulas we love. I’m going to...
  5. timc

    Zoomed reptisoil

    Does anyone have any experience with Zoomed Reptisoil as substrate? Like a total goof I grabbed it without looking thinking it was just cocofiber but when I got home I realized my mistake. I’m sure it’s fine and i’ve read about a few other keepers using it successfully, but it advertises carbon...
  6. timc

    QotW: Maintenance

    So, i’m sure we all have that one tarantula that when we have to retrieve a bolus or fill the water dish we say to ourselves “Okay let’s just get this over with.” Whether it’s a bolter or a threat posture waiting to happen, we say a prayer before we open the lid. This is what I want to hear...
  7. timc

    QotW: what’s the most?

    This’s week’s question: what is the most you would spend on a SLING? I know the prices for adults can get up there but I just want to know about slings. My answer: $50. That’s it. I can’t justify paying more than that only to end up with a male so, that’s my limit. As you can probably tell...
  8. timc

    QotW: Best Webber in your Collection

    So, Monday is my laundry day, and to pass the time waiting for the dryer to finish, I’m going to start a Question of the Week thread in order to produce a little more conversation on the forum here that doesn’t come up too often and things i’m interested in hearing from other keepers about. This...
  9. timc

    Timc’s Tarantulas

    B. emilia OBT stopped out for once T. albopilosum Happy dancing G. pulchripes B. smithi What little the GBB will show of herself Everyone else wasn’t really into picture day but as time goes on i’ll get them posted!
  10. timc

    Longest time before eating?

    Just out of curiosity, I was wondering what’s the longest time you’ve had a tarantula go without eating after you got it? Last Tuesday I got ten new family members and all have eaten, some multiple meals now, but my T. vagans has not. It’s only been a week and I’m far from worried, i just wanted...
  11. timc


    Brachypelma klassi took her first not-prekilled prey for me today! It was an only slightly disabled cricket but still got around enough to get a great response from her! I always get way too excited for this type of thing but i’ve had my eye on this species for years and finally found one in my...
  12. timc

    US PNW Arachnids

    Ordered 9 tarantulas over the weekend and they all arrived healthy and safe. Aaron answered any questions I had in a timely and professional manner. Couldn’t be happier with the products or the prices, and enclures shipped with the animals, even on a larger order. Got an awesome freebie on top...
  13. timc

    Top 3 wish list

    I just placed an order that crossed a bunch off of my list and now I’m reorganizing said list. But to make this exercise fun (read: difficult) I want to hear ONLY your top 3. What are the 3 tarantulas you lay in bed at night thinking about keeping, that you look at a food container and say “you...
  14. timc

    Guess what today is

  15. timc

    A. diversipes observation

    Hi everyone! It's been a while since I posted so I'll just get right to it. Last June I got B. albopilosum, B. elimia, G. pulchripes, A. sp. Peru purple and A. diversipes as slings. All are healthy, eating and happy but it just occurred to me the other day the diversipes has molted only once in...
  16. timc

    Theraphosa blondi

    Just out of curiosity I've been looking and reading around after noticing everything I've seen about this genus recently has been strimi. I don't really want one myself but I was just wondering if any were around or available or who has one. I know they're a mother to raise and breed but I...
  17. timc

    Funny Story

    So a long time friend of mine was over this afternoon and took an interest in my spiders, however, noting them as "weird" and "creepy". Once of the classic questions popped up and I will take the dialogue from there: Him: "So what do you feed them?" Me: "Usually crickets, sometimes worms." Him...
  18. timc

    Super Serious Question

    Why do Avics poop so much?!? My Avic avic, diversipes and sp. Peru purple poop more than they eat I swear. All my other tarantulas have picked a corner of their enclosures to do their business usually where they drop their bolus and I can keep it clean. Not these guys. Not at all. It's like...
  19. timc

    The uprising has begun!

    Yesterday was feeding day and when I was dropping a cricket leg into my 1/4" B. Emilia enclosure a teeny tiny house spider repelled from my ceiling over my shoulder and almost right ony face! Not going to lie, I was totally surprised to suddenly be dealing with two spiders when I was only...
  20. timc

    First kills!

    4 of my 5 new slings made their first kills today! The 5th is a little larger and had been getting live food the whole time. For the last week (two feedings) they'd been getting prekilled or just cricket legs but I was finally able to track down some crickets puny enough for them and man did...