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  1. tapkoote

    Escape and capture

    About two weeks ago I forgot to replace the cork in "Torts" lid after feeding. Around an hour later I sat down to watch the news, see him standing on the water dish with 4 legs sticking out of the hole. I thumped the glass and he took off into his hide. Up till now, I never gave spiders any...
  2. tapkoote

    Mr. Torts has another new coat

    Found him about 1/2 way through. It's hard to sit/be quiet for an hour and 40 minutes.
  3. tapkoote

    Some fun tonight

    Go to feed my two B smithi dropped a cricket on top of Mr Torts tank... it ran off. Got another in there. Dropped another on the floor while feeding Andy, couldn't catch it either. Andy got another. 2 hrs. later found a cricket climbing and Andy got that one also. Just now about 5 hours later...
  4. tapkoote

    Don't do what I did new folks, spiders can go w/o eating

    Got my first Tarantula "B smithy" about 3 years ago. Turned out to be a male (bought as female) so when it quit eating I thought it was in final molt. There's a thread "how long can a tarantula go w/o eating. Here's 875 days. !!!!! NOT on purpose, thought he was in final molt. Here's the...
  5. tapkoote

    Mr Torts waiting

    I call him Mr Torts- Mr Tor-Tice- proper, it's from an old joke. "Tortoise" He was slow as heck to find food at first, not so much now. Any way I saw him moving around the tank this evening with his front legs raised high. I saw the same behavior in my first B smithi, and knew he was hungry. Got...
  6. tapkoote

    My Andy should be hungry

    I wonder what the record is? My B smith hasn't eaten since last Oct. 6th, one year today he had two crickets. I thought he'd molt by Thanks giving, then spring now who knows???
  7. tapkoote

    Meal worm longevity

    My second b smithi was about 2 1/2 inch when I got him ( bought as a 3" female though) (the second female i've got thats been a male) and the whole of my collection. First I got him some small crickets, then a container of 50 small meal worms. That container was bought around the second...
  8. tapkoote

    I see a spot on my B smithi

    after I down loaded a feeding vid, I noticed a spot that wasn't there after the last molt. Anyone got any ideas. https://flic.kr/p/243uGoE
  9. tapkoote

    Amazed how these B smithi find food

    I just can't believe how sensitive these spiders are to their surroundings. I've been dropping in one or two small meal worms, with heads crushed and right out of the fridge, and she can find them. I read here that meal worms can live two days like that. But these are right out of cold weather...
  10. tapkoote

    help identifying a So. African spider

    This spider was on Safari live last night. I'm not sure even where to start looking for it. Thanks
  11. tapkoote

    Question on meal worm growth

    I got a tub (50) small meal worms, they were kept in a refrigerator to stunt growth. How do i grow them? They are in what appears to be wheat bran, don't they need water? What else do they eat? Thanks tap
  12. tapkoote

    Help identifying baboon spider

    This is a baboon spider, Sabi Sands S. Africa, I've looked around and can't find coloring like it. It was spotted on Live Safari Wild Earth. Hoping to find the name. thanks tap
  13. tapkoote

    learned something new W/new b smithi

    Learned a couple things about my new B smithi, she doesn’t like reading lights and she doesn’t lay down a mat for dinner out side the cave. “She’s “ only been here a week, and hasn’t covered the whole 2Gal. tank with web. This is her 2nd cricket and with the reading light, in the living room on...
  14. tapkoote

    Whats being called a baboon spider identification.

    I've been watching safari live and finally got to see what they call a baboon spider. It doesn't look anything close to a tarantula, they're supposed to be in the same family I think. Their eyes are in the front of the carapace like a jumping spider, from what I see. I've checked the images at...
  15. tapkoote

    I really think my B smith can smell

    A while back he took a dead meal worm that laid over night. Today I find my two crickets who were alive two days ago, expired. So I dropped them in, an hour later he's got one and feeding. He was in the cave, must have noticed me fooling around, may realize if i do that he's getting water or...
  16. tapkoote

    Newbie question about carrion

    Two days ago I got fat meal worms, instead of crickets, crushed the head of one. No interest from my B "smithi". Today he sliped into his cave around 2 pm, unusual , and hasn't been out at 11pm. I think he found the fat meal worm -with crushed head-I threw in there, because it was gone. I've...
  17. tapkoote

    Help me out here with pronunciation

    Brachypelma I've watched some foreign folks and couldn't quite get it, is it brack-E-pelma? And I just watched a fellow(NO NAMES) Who absoulty botched a rehousing using H2o. Thats beyound belief, I understand the theory of rain flooding a burrow. But give it some time to work. Don't just dig em...
  18. tapkoote

    help identifing large spider

    some one sent me this picture, is it a Tarantula. I don't know what part of the world they're in, foriegn name. Thanks[/URL][/IMG]
  19. tapkoote

    Andy/Anastasia quit eating?

    The first part of January Ana molted into Andy. Once he got situated he ate like a pig. He must of had 15 crickets in 3-4 weeks. Ate two one night and stopped, about 3 weeks ago. Could he be ready to molt again? Now I'm thinking males live shorter life spans if food is readily avialable...
  20. tapkoote

    Ever watched your T move dirt?

    When I first set up the tank, I put in some fish tank gravel just to see what would happen. Andy (Ana) started at 7 pm moving gravel into his bunker. About 8:30 he noticed me watching and quit. This is before I got my keepers guide, I suspected she/he had to catch her breath. At 11:30 he...