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  1. khatchet

    Silkhenge spider

    How many of you have seen this yet. I have not researched them at all yet, but they seem cool. What does everyone else think of them?
  2. khatchet

    Got another job

    As the title says I got another job. I will try to stell get on, on my days off just not sure how often it will be. Good thing is more money for tarantula, hoping for more pick up on the 3rd.
  3. khatchet

    Thrigmopoeus pshycedelicus

    Has any one else seen the Thrigmopoeus pshycedelicus, I would love to have one but I think they are way out of my price range. I will put a photo fromonline on this post so any one who has not seen this tarantula.
  4. khatchet

    B vagans molt

    My B. vagans molted to day while I was t work, the molt was to badly mangled to tell for sure but it looks like she is really a she. I will post photos next time she comes out, if I catch her out. She has not left her home since she made it about 6 month ago.
  5. khatchet

    Hooked on pokie

    I got my P ornata this sunday, and it has got me really in to pokie, I am hoping to pick up 2 more if not more then that at the next expo in april
  6. khatchet

    My wifes new pac man

  7. khatchet

    Waiting out side the expo

    I am out side waiti g for the expo to start at 10, picking up two new tarantula to day.
  8. khatchet

    Spiders silk

    Check out this web page to learn the different glads the spiders silk comes from.http://www.chm.bris.ac.uk/motm/spider/page2.htm
  9. khatchet

    Latrodectus hasselti

    Latrodectus hasselti this are closely related to the Latrodectus mactans. But a random thing a found interesting about the L hasselti is that to capture its prey in does not use its main web. It lay vertical web lay from the main web to the ground. These line of silk have the bottom covered in...
  10. khatchet


    Has any one ever seen a Deinopidae for sale in the US. I have done some looking into it and can not find them any where.
  11. khatchet

    Khatchet's wish list

    These are in alphabetical order. B albopilosum B emilia Brachypelma smithi C fimbriatus C cyaneopubescens Cfascatum C leetzi E cyanognathus G pulchripes H maculata Hapalopus sp H lividum H pulchripes H gabonenis L violaceopes L parahybana M vobustum M balfouri N chromatus N coloratovillosus P...
  12. khatchet

    Great News

    My wife told me to day that as long as we have the money I can get as many of what ever tarantula I want. Can not wait tell this summer when work picks up.
  13. khatchet

    Had to take this photo.

    I walked in to my tarantula room and saw my B vagans setting like this. I had to get this photo.
  14. khatchet

    Hoping for a P. Regalus

    I am hoping to find a P regalus at the expo I am going to this weekend, so hoply I will see one for a good deal. Ill also take some photo of other taratula there to post on the forum.
  15. khatchet

    Got a G. rosea sling!

    I got a G. rosea sling yesterday, it is in pre molt now. I will try to post a photo after the molt, not sure if my camera can pick it up at its size though.
  16. khatchet

    Sorry again for the time off.

    Sorry I have not been on, I work retail so I have been very busy. It is slow now though so I should be active again.
  17. khatchet

    Does anyone else like cars?

    I like Japanese import, mainly Mitsubishi.
  18. khatchet

    Khatchet's Tarantula

    These are a lot of photos some old some new. The first few are my G. roseas,then are my A . avicularia, last is my B. vagans.
  19. khatchet

    Getting married!!!

    I am getting married next October. I consider every one on here friend, so I thought I would post this.
  20. khatchet

    Old account

    This is tarantulaguy1994. This is my old account but I remembered the password so I well be back under this user name.