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  1. Arachnoclown

    Hapalopus sp Columbia large tips

    Just leave him in there with her. They aren't the type of spider to try to intervene with. They are way too fast to try to save the Male if the female wants to eat him anyways. Best to feed her good and put him in there to get acclimated.
  2. Arachnoclown

    Pamphobeteus machala??

    Heres my 4.5" female P. machala for reference.
  3. Arachnoclown

    Scottish Guy Has A Meltdown

    Hope you stick around...I'm going to be traveling to Scotland in April. Gotta meet up and have a few beers. :beer::beer::beer:
  4. Arachnoclown

    HELP. WTH!! Freaky death.

    I agree...that's a moldy spider.
  5. Arachnoclown

    Interesting Behavior of Ch. andersoni

    If you cant find him another mate you can always see how long he will bunk with her. Unless your attached to him that is. ;)
  6. Arachnoclown

    Komodo natural Wood (Pine) hides.

    It dont know about it being a T killer but it will mold so I wouldnt use it anyways. Cork bark is superior for tarantula hides.
  7. Arachnoclown

    Interesting Behavior of Ch. andersoni

    They will live together until shes had enough...;) A friend of mine had my Male living with his female for three months. She finally got tired of him.:D
  8. Arachnoclown

    Female G.Concepion

    @Phil I think has one....he may have some info for you. I adopted one along time ago...she was around 6" and 20 years old. At four inches I'd guess yours is 5-6 years old ...its a guess though.
  9. Arachnoclown

    My country just got hit by a heat wave - my spiders gonna die?

    I'd watch out for blowing a fan on your Ts. A fan will dehydrate a enclosure in a few hours. Also tarantulas dont like their setae blowing around. 96 degrees in the shade isnt going to hurt a tarantula that has a full water dish.
  10. Arachnoclown

    Psalmopoeus victorii

    I'd have to say Male also
  11. Arachnoclown

    Help (eating mold)

    Tarantulas in the wild live in or exposed too dark moist places full of mold. It will be fine.
  12. Arachnoclown

    Tarantula Club, Ads, and stuff

    What ads????:p:D
  13. Arachnoclown

    How to tell if a spider is mature?

    Still may be a male... you need to sex a molt.
  14. Arachnoclown

    Sdsnybny's breeding success

    Cant wait to get my horde from you today!!!! @sdsnybny
  15. Arachnoclown

    How to tell if a spider is mature?

    Males hook out at 5" or so. Females are sexually mature around 4.5"(molt needed to verify sexual maturity). Fully mature female will be over 6".
  16. Arachnoclown

    Tarantula Club, Ads, and stuff

    Awesome [email protected] I knew oneday you would get me a clown emoji.;)
  17. Arachnoclown

    Why is there no section for fossorial

    I've got alot of Fossorial species that aren't Fossorial at all. Maybe in the wild they are but alot I've noticed in captivity aren't.
  18. Arachnoclown

    Movie recommendations

    Georgie's arm....
  19. Arachnoclown

    Is breeding tarantulas hard?

    LMAO...I'd be here all day listing all the species.