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  1. Phil

    how about this for a tarantula enclosure?

    or about a thousand balfouri ha ha
  2. Phil

    Comment by 'Phil' in media 'T. seledonia'

    that's easy.... I opened her flap (top of the funnel) and poked her with a wooden skewer to tease her out. That's what probably made her grumpy...ROFL
  3. Phil

    Pamphobeteus machala??

    no purples and shouldn't be with the mature females. the males are really bright and vivid but the females drab by comparison.
  4. Phil

    Pamphobeteus machala??

    looks light in colour to me? No expert on this species and this is the best pic I have atm of a P machala AF I have Will try to get a better one tomorrow
  5. T. seledonia

    T. seledonia

    so after almost wetting myself laughing at this 2cm little thing actually giving me a threat posture,!!!...I managed to get a pic before it went back in to its little funnel.
  6. Phil

    balfouri breeding tips?

    leave with mum. I think it looks cute and like the way she brings food back and let's them feast on the prey.
  7. Phil

    spider cartoon

    Check this out everyone, so cute. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1418340201648822&id=484914328324752
  8. Phil

    Comment by 'Phil' in media 'Spider house 2.0 under construction'

    approx 3m x 1.8m Not much floor space difference to the current spiderhouse but this one will be full height so I don't lose any shelving which I do in the converted summer house
  9. Phil

    Comment by 'Phil' in media '30579DCE-5EA1-4F4A-8B26-B744BBAF38DF.jpeg'

    looks in premoult? Big chunky girl...gorgeous
  10. Phil

    balfouri breeding tips?

    got a MM coming on Friday. He has 2x AF to have a play with. Lucky boy. ;)
  11. Phil

    how about this for a tarantula enclosure?

    A bit too much???? ROFL
  12. Spider house 2.0 under construction

    Spider house 2.0 under construction

    Its gonna be nice and toasty when done :) Spider house 2.0...all the benefits of my first impressive erection in the garden, just a bit higher...LOL
  13. Phil

    U.K. @Phil The Spider House

    Thanks Jess. Happy to be your 'spider friend' too.
  14. Phil

    Tarantula Club, Ads, and stuff

    I cant add photos anymore (exceeded Quota apparantly), never an issue under the previous version if the furum. Like others...the term "Reactions" for the members likes could be seen as a negative as reactions can be a positive or a negative experience, whereas a "like" is only positive. I...
  15. Phil

    Comment by 'Phil' in media 'A genic SA Female (Nikki)'

    no, I was talking about mine....lol
  16. B klaasi SAF

    B klaasi SAF

    New arrival today. she is very pretty.
  17. Phil

    Feels like home

    Hi Steve, welcome to the forum. great bunch of people.on here I am sure you will like being part of our family.
  18. Phil

    My Red leg molted

    congratulations. fantastic pictures of your red 'knee' :)
  19. A genic SA Female (Nikki)

    A genic SA Female (Nikki)

    And saved the best until last. moulted yesterday so today is a good day....a genic pic day :)
  20. 7.5 inches of hairy awesomness

    7.5 inches of hairy awesomness

    T. blondi SA moult.