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  1. Gurat

    Acting Clumsy

    Hi guys, about 3 weeks or 4 weeks ago i changed my enclosure for my T, bought one EXOTERRA. My T is still acting clumsy, like climbing with the top (mesh) of my enclosure, or sticking to a side, altough she also spends time on the ground as well. She is a chaco golden knee, and she also layed a...
  2. Gurat

    Gramostola enclosure

    Hi guys I just changedmy T's enclosure, and it's kinda acting weird, it stays up by the glass as shown in the picture, is it normal?
  3. Gurat

    Chaco Golden knee hiding

    Hi guys, I'm a bit worried, because my T (chaco golden knee) got into ger hide on 31st December (New year's Eve) and hasn't got out since then. She is not even drinking. She stopped eating at around last September/October I think. She covered her entrance with web, as if she's saying I don't...
  4. Gurat

    My tarantula not eating

    Hi guys, im trying to find some help because im a bit worried. My tarantula has stopped eating, its been for more than a month, even i think a month and a half. At first i thought that she was going to molt, but she didnt molt at all either. I dont know what the problem is, she is refusing all...
  5. Gurat

    Hide coconut shell

    Hi guys, I'm new here, and this is my first post. So about a week ago I bought my first Chaco golden knee, and made her this setup. But I noticed her, she is not using her hide at all, to be honest, I never found it inside. Her hide is a coconut shell. She stays in the top corner of the...