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  1. Thistles

    Scottish Guy Has A Meltdown

    I think this thread is just tarantula business as usual.
  2. Thistles

    HELP. WTH!! Freaky death.

    Looks like a MM, which is probably the cause of death. That's mold, not webbing, around him.
  3. Thistles

    Trying to learn more

    Stay away from evergreens, like pine and cedar as people said. Sycamore can be toxic to pets if ingested, but should be fine for Ts. I do use leaf litter in my enclosures, and have used oak, live oak, birch, magnolia, grape... lots of stuff. Just steer clear of resinous woods like evergreens and...
  4. Thistles

    Stolen packages

    Yes, it is. Another news report showed the complaint with her name on it.
  5. Thistles

    US Ts for sale first ever sac C.brachycephalus

    He's legit. I know where he got his female, and she is a true WF.
  6. Thistles

    It'll never go away...

    I showed my cousin that vid when you first posted it, and she brings it up at every party. "Allison! Tell them about that crazy Scottish guy!"
  7. Thistles

    It’s a male :(

    There is nothing wrong with posting the pic, but if it isn't yours, say so. Even if I don't know who took a picture, if I post someone else's, even in an informal setting like this, I will say "not my pic" in the post. The book isn't that outdated. The general care and foundations are...
  8. Thistles

    It’s a male :(

    And what are you? Regarding the schooling: I was referring to his post talking you through all the reasons he might plug his book, not the picture. As far as saying anything bad about him, you said all he did is plug his book rather than helping. His book is helping. I also wasn't only...
  9. Thistles

    It’s a male :(

    You guys are a bunch of ingrates. Stan ended his post saying you can get the book at a library! Imagine you have been in the hobby for decades and wrote a book about it 40 years ago. Imagine that that book has been polished and updated and republished and is still being polished and updated for...
  10. Thistles

    US Lots of cool/rare stuff: tons of sexy AFs, some slings, juvies etc. Mixed group

    Sorry guys, no, I don't have almost anything from this post anymore. They're all on to bigger and better things, including that lovely solaris.
  11. Thistles

    Which is the floofiest T?

    Try Nhandu. Pretty much anything in the genus (except maybe chromatus) is super fluffs.
  12. Thistles

    She's long gone, sorry. They're in high demand, apparently!

    She's long gone, sorry. They're in high demand, apparently!
  13. Thistles

    US Lots of cool/rare stuff: tons of sexy AFs, some slings, juvies etc. Mixed group

    Sorry, I guess I should have updated or closed the post. I no longer have the PZB, but I do have a diversipes. I will send a PM, Sonic.
  14. Thistles

    US Looking!!!!!!

    The only pair I have to offer right now is a subadult pair of Pterinopelma sazimai. PM me if you're interested. Thanks for the tag, @PanzoN88
  15. Thistles

    Haplocosmia Himalayana

    I kept mine in deep enclosures (tall jugs) with slightly damp substrate, but nothing too soggy. They were in my basement, so a little on the cooler side, but again, nothing crazy. They did well. Basically, exactly what Kezy says. As usual.
  16. Thistles

    US Tarantula Taxidermy & Wanted Deceased Tarantulas

    Lemme know how the alcohol preserved ones go. I have some cool ones you can have or we can trade for or something if they work out.
  17. Thistles

    Ambitious 1i Poecilotheria regalis

    I sell a lot of spiders, and I downsized a lot recently. I sold all my pokies.
  18. Thistles

    Ambitious 1i Poecilotheria regalis

    Dracula grew up into a pretty young lady. I sold her about 6 months ago.
  19. Thistles

    P.regalis sub adult ?

    Hybrids don't get around the law.
  20. Thistles

    P.regalis sub adult ?

    I don't even know what's happening in here... I'm going back under my rock where life makes sense.