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  1. MrBoom619

    US Looking for A.Merianae

    I know that CeC (Chase) produced some not to long ago. I would hit him up.
  2. MrBoom619

    US Looking to buy MM balfouri

    I have one available! I am also up for trades! :)
  3. MrBoom619

    Adult enclosure

    Hello, Jennifer. Isaiah Benitez makes some very nice high quality enclosures for great prices. He is on this forum and would be more than happy to speak with you.
  4. MrBoom619

    Warning!!!!! Warning!!!!

    She and her group have been around scamming for a while now. I'm so sorry that this has happened to you. =( Here is a link from Arachnoboards with info on Mary Anderson and her/his different alias'...
  5. MrBoom619

    A. versicolor, A. minatrix and B. pulchra

    Hi, Dixie. I have plenty of A.versicolor slings available. Let me know if you are still interested. Here are my reviews from Arachnoboards: http://www.arachnoboards.com/ab/show...6169-MrBoom619
  6. MrBoom619

    Club Avicularia/Avics

    Just food for thought, would the same habitat in the wild be needed for captive bred specimens?
  7. MrBoom619

    Back water reptiles

    I've never personally ordered from them but below you will find some links with reviews for them. I pulled these links from Arachnoboards. Hope they help. http://www.arachnoboards.com/ab/sho...w.backwaterreptiles.com-)&highlight=backwater...
  8. MrBoom619

    Club Avicularia/Avics

    Very nice!!!
  9. MrBoom619

    Hey Spiderman, I'm in San Diego too! =)

    Hey Spiderman, I'm in San Diego too! =)
  10. MrBoom619

    Club Avicularia/Avics

    I'm wrong, I believe it's the Avicularia sp. robisch.
  11. MrBoom619

    Club Avicularia/Avics

    This my friend looks like the Avicularia hirschii.
  12. MrBoom619

    cricket crack, roach chow, or something homemade?

    Hi Lady Lilith! I'd like to recommend a blend that my friend personally makes for his Dubia. Mine love it so much! His name is Rich and below you will find is Facebook page link as well as his Arachnoboards link in case you would like to inquire. If you decide to reach out to him, tell him...
  13. MrBoom619

    Club Avicularia/Avics

    It does have orange "chevrons" on the abdomen which is different from any of the "purple" Avicularia species I own or have seen. As a sling it looked very similar to the A.purpurea (Ecuadorian Pinktoe) however the difference on appearance is that it had a reddish hue on the abdomen which is...
  14. MrBoom619

    Club Avicularia/Avics

    Thank you so much! Have a great day!
  15. MrBoom619

    Club Avicularia/Avics

    Yeah, the Avicularia genus is so messed up, lol. Do you have any info you could possibly pass to me concerning the A.ulrichea and A.aurantiaca? Oh and the A.sp. Pucallpa? I would definitely appreciate pictures if possible! Thanks Martin!
  16. MrBoom619

    Club Avicularia/Avics

    Actually, this is my A.sp. Peru Purple (A.urticans). Completely different from the A.sp.Ecuador. I do have A.purpurea as well as A.sp. "Purple Peru" which are completely different as well.
  17. MrBoom619

    October 2014 Photo Contest Submissions. Photos Only!!!

    "Hey girl, I like big butts and I can not lie!" H.incei pairing. =) Photo Entry #11
  18. MrBoom619

    Club Avicularia/Avics

    I bought it labeled as "A.sp.Ecuador".