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  1. hellknite

    LP Pairing

    I just mated my LP's... I hope it did well... I'll get them together again next week. Sent from my SM-T715Y using Tapatalk
  2. hellknite

    ID my T

    I got this fellow when it's still 0.5 cm. Now at 2.5 inch. Is this really an A. musculosa? Any thoughts?
  3. hellknite

    Sex of my Recently Molted Ts

    Hi guys! Just wanted to hear your thoughts about the sex of my Ts which recently molted. I hope I got clear pix. Thanks in advance. B. albiceps A. musculosa A. junodi
  4. hellknite

    How Many Slings?

    Hi guys. I just wanted to share my successful mating attempts for this month: L. parahybana N. tripepii A. geniculata A. junodi If all goes well, how many slings will I be expecting? [emoji1]
  5. hellknite

    Some Big T Updates

    Just wanted to share some of my T activities. It's been quite a while since I made a post.. My P. cancerides recently molted. She is showing some purplish blue coloration and now at 9 inches. My N. tripepii molted a few days ago. Big girl also at 9 inches. My 10 inch L. parahybana...
  6. hellknite

    Hypersensitivity Reaction to Some T's??

    Hi guys. Just opted to share this experience. I just decided to rehouse my 7inch female vulpinus and I successfuly did but here I am at the hospital swollen with red marks and with a headache. It must have been the urticating hairs. I have been doing this for almost 5 years yet this was the 1st...
  7. hellknite

    Geniculata Passes Away

    I have a 7 inch female geniculata which I raised from 2 cm. She was on her favorite spot in the water dish lifeless. All the while I thought she was drinking since I usually find her there. She just molted a couple of weeks ago. I inspected here now and just found out that 1 pedipalp was...
  8. hellknite

    Some Molts

    Just opted to share some photos of the slings that molted while I was away.. Some of them needs rehousing soon.. A. seemani bcf A. musculosa B. smithi B. smithi B. boehmei A. junodi P. murinus rcf
  9. hellknite

    16 molts, 1 death curl

    My T's were left out due to my illness that I was battling for about 5 weeks in and out of the hospital. Finally I've recovered and I'm back home in my hometown and home here at the forum. Sorry I have not been active during those times. I haven't seen my T's for a month until this morning...
  10. hellknite

    I miss my T's

    I'm currently at the hospital getting ready for a minor operation on my waist. I was asked if I got bitten by a spider or any venomous creature. I don't remember anything like that. It was just like the bite photos over the net. At 1st it was a blister. Then a wound opening . Then the flesh...
  11. hellknite

    Dwarf hissers

    Hi all. Recently I received some dwarf hisser roaches, 3 pairs of them. I don't know exactly what to do with them. I haven't tried feeding them to my T's. I currently keep a colony of lats and dubias and previously a colony of harlequins. Anyone keeping dwarf hissers as feeders? Should I keep...
  12. hellknite

    Molts amidst the super typhoon

    I've been busy these past 3 days preparing before the super typhoon lashes.. Last time, I lost 2 T's and 2 colonies of roaches due to a typhoon.. While I'm preparing, It's good to see some slings molted.. seemani bcf boehmei junodi albo albiceps
  13. hellknite

    New Molts

    I often get 3 molts a day... not daily I mean when I have molts oftenly I get 3... Today 3 slings molted.. P. murinus (rcf) A. junodi H. colombia But they are inside their burrows.. I can just see them from under so I can't take good photos.. so eager to see if I can see new coats of...
  14. hellknite

    On offering of different feeders

    If a T refuses to eat I offer a different type of feeder until it eats.. but if does not, I leave it be. Example: A. geniculata Dubia (not interested) Superworm (not interested) Lateralis (not interested) Cricket (pounces it up quickly) G. pulchripes Superworm (not interested) Cricket (not...
  15. hellknite

    Male albiceps?

    My albiceps molted.. I think it's a male? I'm not good at this... I hope this photo will do too..
  16. hellknite

    Updated Photos of Some of My Brachy Slings

    On the transition of showing coloration. B. vagans (molted 6 days ago) B. albiceps (molted 3 days ago) B. boehmei (molted 1 day ago) Looks like on pre-molt? B. boehmei B. smithi B. albiceps
  17. hellknite

    Updated Photos of Some of My Brachy Slings

    On the transition of showing coloration. B. vagans (molted 6 days ago) B. albiceps (molted 3 days ago) B. boehmei (molted 1 day ago) Looks like on pre-molt? B. boehmei B. smithi B. albiceps
  18. hellknite

    Looking for Caresheets

    I've been checking T's at a local breeder and some of them got me interested. But I was looking for caresheets and found none yet. Got any information on the following? Lasiodora brevibulba Sericopelma generalum Thanks.
  19. hellknite

    Somebody stop me..

    Not 3 days ago I had an additional 5 slings.. I just said that It would be the last additions for this year.. Now I'm tempted by a local dealer just around the corner.. P. metallica P. regalis P. rajaie I never had them before.. I'm more on a terrestrial keeper.. time for an advance...
  20. hellknite

    Chewing Molt

    An hour after my vagans finished molting, It starts to chew its own molt. Isn't its fangs are still soft that it may get injured? It worries me. Should I remove it? Does it really need the remaining moisture from its molt?