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  1. AF P. cam.

    AF P. cam.

    Just renamed her to Canibal Lecter. In her maw is the bolus of what once was a mature male that she was to mate with. He was so nice, and she, while beautiful, is pure evil
  2. WolfSpider

    Comment by 'WolfSpider' in media 'Got fangs???'

    Did Daredevil make it out alive?
  3. WolfSpider

    Comment by 'WolfSpider' in media 'Lasiodora parahybana - Pip'

    My money is on Jet.
  4. WolfSpider

    Where do you buy your spiders from?

    In the UK, it is hard to beat our own @Phil
  5. MM P. metallica

    MM P. metallica

    My energizer bunny. He matured 13 months ago and is still going strong.
  6. WolfSpider

    Comment by 'WolfSpider' in media 'Pamphobeteus ultramarinus'

    Phil: you take the best pictures!
  7. WolfSpider

    Your opinion: the most beautiful T species?

    T. seladonia...but maybe it is a case of wanting what I can't have.
  8. WolfSpider

    Brown recluse bites

    I sh×÷ you not. For awhile, I couldn't understand what the big deal was. Like who would have a brown recluse crawling on their ear?
  9. WolfSpider

    Brown recluse bites

    Wow! I am really old and naive. I thought that was an ear! (Ha ha)
  10. WolfSpider

    Beautiful new tarantula! What can I expect from a tropical species?

    I am an urticaria hair hyper-reactor. Therefore I tend toward Psalmos as new worlds. But I have been darn lucky with my AF N. chromatus. Nary a flicked hair--ever. Still quite skittish, but I don't think she even realizes that she has this defense mechanism. Individuals in a species and...
  11. WolfSpider

    Thoughts on Exotics Lair??

    I would add our own Tarantula Collective as a reputable you-tuber whose main concern is T welfare.
  12. WolfSpider

    Are there any woods toxic to tarantulas?

    Many pet stores have plastic resin hides. No problems here. I live in Florida. There are Palm trees everywhere. Also OK for inverts.
  13. WolfSpider

    Comment by 'WolfSpider' in media 'Found this fellow in the sink'

    Dunno. So many species look alike to me.
  14. MF gimpy GBB

    MF gimpy GBB

    She lost her right second leg in a molt and her right third leg is a flail leg, but she is feisty as ever and is currently tapping out a love signal to a MM.