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  1. Tnoob

    Movie recommendations

    Prepare for a rabbit hole.
  2. Tnoob

    Spiders taking over the World

    Good read, thanks for the article.
  3. Tnoob


    I would never use potting soil. You probably want vermiculite instead. I think that's chemically inert.
  4. Tnoob

    Movie recommendations

    Have you seen unacknowledged?
  5. Tnoob

    Why is there no section for fossorial

    I've wondered this myself.
  6. Snuggles


    Go ahead, pet me.
  7. Tnoob

    Confirm, and confirmed maybe.

    When I first bought my spiders I took the advice that you guys gave me to the letter and I ended up with dead spiders. So forgive me if I'm not jumping over myself backwards to fallow your advice. Now, if you don't mind I'd like a "congratulations on your OBT being female". That's what this...
  8. Tnoob

    Confirm, and confirmed maybe.

    Meal worms look exactly like dry coco fiber when they're a bolas.
  9. Tnoob

    Confirm, and confirmed maybe.

    Well I didn't know what to do, I couldn't find the bolas and it started to smell in the enclosure, so I just changed out the substrate. Moss still makes good anchor points for webbing, or are you going to tell me that's not true as well? This enclosure is dry. I mist once a week maybe.
  10. Tnoob

    Confirm, and confirmed maybe.

    No, because the enclosure is dry again, and it's still building its dirt curtains. This enclosure is almost completely dry from yesterday. That's not even 16 hours from when I took this picture to now. Hypaecia also ate last night, which is good I think.
  11. Tnoob

    Confirm, and confirmed maybe.

    Because I'm trying to listen to my spider too. As well as other people who are also giving me advice as am going. A lot of these people live in my area and I've had them over to my house. I'm not going to keep doing what your suggesting if it doesn't appear to be working.
  12. Tnoob

    Confirm, and confirmed maybe.

    Why are you behaving like this?
  13. Tnoob

    It's been quiet

    I'd be like, "aren't you supposed to be building a wall"? Then again, I'm not a spider...
  14. Tnoob

    Confirm, and confirmed maybe.

    Now, we've been over this. I live in a desert climate, and I need to mist the enclosure every once in awhile, or my OBT just scrunches up and doesn't do anything. That includes eating. There's plenty of substrate for it to dig. Which should be good sense OBT's are actually fossorial. Now I'm...
  15. Orphan spider

    Orphan spider

    My friends G Pulchirpes has molted in my care and has decided to join the rest of the world.