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  1. tapkoote

    Escape and capture

    About two weeks ago I forgot to replace the cork in "Torts" lid after feeding. Around an hour later I sat down to watch the news, see him standing on the water dish with 4 legs sticking out of the hole. I thumped the glass and he took off into his hide. Up till now, I never gave spiders any...
  2. tapkoote

    Tarantula help needed

    Tarantula keepers guide is a good book for overall look at them. eBay used books , even new it's a fair price.
  3. tapkoote

    Tarantula in mouth? Handling Q’s

    I just watched a couple nitwits get stung and bitten on TV. Seems like wild TV can't come up with something useful. Kid, Alexanderx ,watch that show, see if you want 1/2 inch fangs clamping on to your tonsils..... Alexanderx you're a moron. Please excuse me I don't usually use that sort of...
  4. tapkoote

    California Ebony?

    Jason I use a small frozen dinner container if you have one about. Don't worry about the perlite, they lay down web to walk/eat on. But do put in more substrate.
  5. tapkoote

    Mr. Torts has another new coat

    Found him about 1/2 way through. It's hard to sit/be quiet for an hour and 40 minutes.
  6. tapkoote

    Some fun tonight

    Go to feed my two B smithi dropped a cricket on top of Mr Torts tank... it ran off. Got another in there. Dropped another on the floor while feeding Andy, couldn't catch it either. Andy got another. 2 hrs. later found a cricket climbing and Andy got that one also. Just now about 5 hours later...
  7. tapkoote

    Don't do what I did new folks, spiders can go w/o eating

    Heat source is a funny subject. One person scolded "if you can't keep a room at 70* you shouldn't keep spiders". I disagree, B smithi lives under ground, not too far below the surface it's a constant 55*. My furnace comes on only in the morning, heats to 65*, if it's cold I'll start a wood...
  8. tapkoote

    Don't do what I did new folks, spiders can go w/o eating

    That wasn't a hunger strike, it was my bad, he ate 5 crickets in three days and was full, couldn't eat any more I guess. So I thought he was in final molt. Funny thing, before his last molt, he'd come out of the cave and go searching for prey with his front legs raised. After he molted he quit...
  9. tapkoote

    Don't do what I did new folks, spiders can go w/o eating

    Got my first Tarantula "B smithy" about 3 years ago. Turned out to be a male (bought as female) so when it quit eating I thought it was in final molt. There's a thread "how long can a tarantula go w/o eating. Here's 875 days. !!!!! NOT on purpose, thought he was in final molt. Here's the...
  10. tapkoote

    Need some advice on this...

    Tschorm 2 1/2 years ago I got my first T, a 5 gallon tank and a wire mesh top (for reptiles) and too little substrate. Pretty much the same set up you have. Immediately got chewed out, on another forum, but their advice was correct. IMHO, your T was injured in a fall. They have tiny claws on...
  11. tapkoote

    Mr Torts waiting

    Got a good shot of Mr Torts with a 6" ruler last night. he quit eating...going to have a new coat already
  12. tapkoote

    Mr Torts waiting

    Torts is a digger. I keep a light on for warmth at the cage. I spun the cage around 180*, to change the water, next morning he'd dug out the corner, like on the other end. Of course he dirtied the dish!
  13. tapkoote

    New addition to the family

    I've gone to using dirt from my yard. I sift out the rocks and sticks and bake it in the oven. I even tried rocks for an aquarium on my first T. He liked them so much he moved them into his hide. But the folks on another forum freaked out... they were too sharp and would kill him. BS, I did...
  14. tapkoote

    Mr Torts waiting

    Torts is a hog. He's realized when I pull the cork out of the top, bugs will fall from the sky. He was wondering around the cage hungry, so I dropped in a cricket. He grabbed it and was sitting there waiting. Another one in and grabbed it also. There's only one left in the container so I dropped...