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    Avicularia sp. "Peru Purple sling died after 2 days

    I didn't see that before. I would do more but i doubt that killed it in two days.
  2. Seekeroftruth

    Avicularia sp. "Peru Purple sling died after 2 days

    I meant to say i think healthy slings should be able to go a couple days without water or oxygen. Obviously they can go that long without food.
  3. Seekeroftruth

    Avicularia sp. "Peru Purple sling died after 2 days

    If the substrate is dry and you only misted as is shown in the picture, it's possible it could be dehydration. This is because misting dries up quickly. I can't tell by the photo is its abdomen looks shriveled. That would be a sign of this. Since you don't have much ventilation, maybe the water...
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    Comment by 'Seekeroftruth' in media 'SAF P. Rufus'

    The greens in the background really emphasizes the coloring of the t. Beautiful.
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    Do you prefer Old Worlds or NWs and why?

    I prefer new world because they are more beautiful. It also gives me peace of mind since i have children, should one ever get loose. My so likes ow baboons.
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    new tarantula mom here!!!

    If he/ she goes into threat posture 80% of the time when nudged, i would consider it a poor candidate for handling. I don't handle myself, but that percentage seems too risky imo.
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    A questionnaire on tarantula husbandry

    There is a lack of pre made tarantula enclosures on the market in the united states for fossorial juveniles and medium to large arboreals.
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    I have no T's.

    I started with beginner and intermediate at the same time. If you want to start out with a more defensive ow, besides research you also need to know how you would react if it bolted out onto you. If you would be afraid for this to happen, you would flick it off and kill it. If you know you...
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    3/4 inch versicolor not eating or webbing

    Alright. That's reassuring. Thanks for the response. I've been stressing about this little one too much. :)
  10. Seekeroftruth

    3/4 inch versicolor not eating or webbing

    I finally got a decent picture to show the carapace to abdomen ratio. Its rounded at least. Does it look ok in this picture? The previous pics made it appear larger than it actully is.
  11. Seekeroftruth

    3/4 inch versicolor not eating or webbing

    Ok so he/ she molted a few days ago. Contrary to the title of my initial post, he/she is actually about .5 inch. It is very difficult to get a good picture. I think the photos are misleading because it's abdomen is actually much smaller than the carapace. Yes i know that sometimes it can take...
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    C. versicolor Sling enclosure help

    Bottom open enclosures make it more of a hassle to feed slings. The chance of them bolting up or messing up its web a bit when opening is not enough to justify using a bottom open enclosure in my experience. If they bolt, they run in sprints and they aren't so fast as to be hard to catch. They...
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    More Genus Specific Sections

    I want a Tapinauchenious subforum and also a Psudoclamoris subforum. I think it would also be nice to have a Psalmopous subforum. Since they seem to be pretty popular, im surprised there isn't a subforum for them. I would help with these if possible.
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    Improving air quility arboreals.

    I've been thinking that a t's molting could be a sign of health. My slings that gain the most size per molt, just so happen to be the ones that make the most webbing or tunnels. It could be assumed that the slower growing ones are females but i don't think female slings would make less webbing...
  15. Seekeroftruth

    Improving air quility arboreals.

    So i live in a city, kind of. Nothing like new York City but still the air quality is far from optimal and indoors supposedly is worse. I was reading that if the environmental conditions is not preferable to the tarantula, they will try to postpone molting. Not to mention the death of one of my...