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Recent content by Scorp

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    Who's molted today

    I had two obt slings molt this morning as well, but there to small to take pics. And unfortunately I had a scorpling who didn't survive its molt.
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    Who's molted today

    Caught Mazikeen in the act today!!! Leiurus quinquestriatus
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    First T

    If you want a remote chance of seeing it, don't go to big lol. There's a post on here about using random containers that is full of ideas.
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    Who's molted today

    I always keep my eyes out for free stuff on used web sites. Right now I currently have about 20 empty aquariums and cricket keepers lol. If I can't find something I make it. We have a place here called industrial plastics and paints that sell sheets of clear plastic. Few minutes plastic welding...
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    Who's molted today

    Pebbles molted today :) Uroplectes fischeri
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    any guitar players here?

    Guitar is one of the things I can't really play. Like mabe 2 song lol. I mainly play my bag pipes, but also play drums and pretty much and brass instrument.
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    Clay Balls?

    I use a bioactive set up for all my snakes and will be setting one up for my Singapore blue. I used lava rock as the main drainage layer, then a small layer of clay balls on top (that stuff it to expensive to for a proper layer of it in a boa tank lol), for substrate i used what I have on hand...
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    Iso Phoneutria in Canada.

    Looking for canidain breed Phoneutria if anyone knows of any.
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    My new friend!!!

    Meet Stevil, my new Parabuthus villosus. Just one of the guy fedex brought me today :)
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    Overcoming arachnophobia

    They scare you less cause they are fluffy!!! Nervous handler combined with a nervous T never ends good. On the other hand, some one scared to handle it but is willing to provide it a good enclosure to live happily while you watch it would be awsome. I'd suggest a curly hair, there practically...
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    My T. kahlenbergi sling redecorated

    Lol, I geuss the laws of gravity don't apply to tarantula subtrait.
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    Ok fed ex guy, im ready!

    Tick tock tick tick, ready and waiting!
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    Valhalla - never forgotten

    Lol, its just a face, mabè she wants to be a professional piercer!!! My mom came to visit a month ago when my son got out of the hospital for a murder hornet sting. Were sitting there talking and my son comes running in "dad, I caught you another black widow" he had it on the back of hand so a...
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    Iso: mad scientist

    I have not not been sampling them ;)
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    Iso: mad scientist

    I'm looking to hire a mad scientist to help me make birdeater sized brazilian jeweled tarantulas. I've been doing romantic candle lite cricket dinners (crickets were fed fermented potatoes to increase there alcohol contents), playing Barry Manilow in the back ground and playing spider p0rn on...