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rizzzzle's latest activity

  • rizzzzle
    rizzzzle reacted to m0lsx's post in the thread U.K. T-Baby with Like Like.
    The post woman has just delivered another box from T-Baby a beautiful female Grammostola Porteri, brought from her Halloween Special...
  • rizzzzle
    rizzzzle reacted to jlpre2337's post in the thread US MM Poecilotheria Metallica with Like Like.
    I don't want him to go to waste so I'm selling him outright. He matured approximately 2 months ago. Asking $200 for him + shipping...
  • rizzzzle
    rizzzzle reacted to Tcannamom's post in the thread Runaway OBT with Like Like.
    I went to feed my lil OBT sling, Peter, and he ran out of the enclosure and up my arm before I even got the cover off! I managed to get...
  • rizzzzle
    I purchased a P. Ornata from him and picked it up locally. Communication was on point and he arrived earlier than our scheduled time...