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  1. Poppy2020

    Tarantulafeet's T's

    Amazing photos~• :)
  2. Poppy2020

    Silly T photos :) ya got any?

    Looks kinda like William Dafoe
  3. Poppy2020

    US Fear Not Tarantulas Review.

    I wish I was in California!! Thank you so much for offering— that’s very nice of you :)
  4. Poppy2020

    US Fear Not Tarantulas Review.

    Yeh, I totally understand that— it was really nice of the owner to call and personally apologize. I would buy from them again although I don’t have any future plans on buying more...that’s very kind of you to offer a freebie T. albo! I may take you up on that! Thank you! :)
  5. Poppy2020

    Roaches vs. Crickets

    I keep mine in a black Sterilite bin. The darker the better. :)
  6. Poppy2020

    Roaches vs. Crickets

    I use a variety—- crickets, dubia and occasionally super worms. I like using crickets because as mentioned they don’t stay still for very long— I like to watch the hunt. If you keep them dry and pull any uneaten fruits/veggies every other day they’ll last for awhile. Dubias are great— very...
  7. Poppy2020

    Who's molted today

    GBB molted last night :)
  8. Poppy2020

    US Fear Not Tarantulas Review.

    I got a phone call from Tanya, the owner of FNT. She apologized and said that when I order again they will send two freebies.
  9. Poppy2020

    Winner of January 2021 competition

    Yay! Thank you :). Baxter is very happy too :)
  10. Poppy2020

    New slings :)

    Young P. cambridgei came out for his/her cricket. S/he built an elaborate tunnel that goes up the backside of the cork bark. I added a bit of driftwood too—which has worked out nicely. :)
  11. Poppy2020

    Listening to one of Tom’s recent podcasts and had an epiphany.