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  1. T blondi AF

    T blondi AF

    Those web trail lines look like puppeteer strings that are the only thing keeping her up! Her booty is huge ha ha
  2. Phil

    Comment by 'Phil' in media 'Pamphobeteus ultramarinus'

    Cheers buddy, its just point the phone camera and snap though. Can't really take any credit. Ha ha
  3. Pamphobeteus ultramarinus

    Pamphobeteus ultramarinus

    Juvenile female
  4. Phil

    Comment by 'Phil' in media 'Harpactira pulchripes'

    Very nice :)
  5. Phil

    New to the hobby

    You're welcome. Glad to help
  6. Phil

    Comment by 'Phil' in media 'C Versicolor rehouse check'

    Looks good to me. Possibly a little large for a spider that size atm but a great forever home. Mixed views of water on the floor usually happens with any arboreal but tbh, I have both water on the floor and up in the branches/glued to the background and never had any issues. Looks really good.
  7. Phil

    New to the hobby

    GBB are pretty bomb proof tbh and they are usually very hardy. Here is a general care guide I have prepared for new keepers (some of which already covered but handy to have in one place to copy and paste into your phone notes) 1. Enclosures These should be size appropriate not too big and not...
  8. Phil

    New to the hobby

    Enclosure probably only needs to be about 15 to 20 cm at that size. When adults a 30cmx20cm is perfectly fine but anything over a 30x30 when adult is tbh, a waste of space. The UK humidity is usually circa 60% naturally and so all you need is dry substrate and an open water dish. If the...
  9. Phil

    Hoochee Coocher Grossa

    Might be because if the soundtrack as some countries don't allow it. I have taken a screen shot from the video (not the best but hopefully you can make it out).
  10. Phil

    Hoochee Coocher Grossa

    An insertion is when the palps and the hook like end of the emboli can be seen inserting into the females flap between the 1st set of book lungs. It can be very difficult to spot as it is usually all legs and tickling going on and as they are terrestrial, it all goes underneath where the camera...
  11. Phil

    New to the hobby

    Already mentioned was the M balfouri but like any Old World Tarantula, they are not usually the first group of Ts for someone new to the hobby. At the end of the day, each spider should be treated with respect and never handled and so as long as you are aware that Old World spiders like the M...
  12. Phil

    New to the hobby

    Hi and welcome to the forum. I don't have any GBB available but some of the main on line sellers in the UK have already been shared. The only other one I would add is So Many Legs, who I have bought from many times without issues. Good look in search for a GBB. They are a great T :)
  13. Phil

    Hoochee Coocher Grossa

    Glad to see you decided to go for it. Should always aim for 3 or 4 good insertions if you can. The females start to reject the males when they "know" there was success so if she is still receptive, keep at it would be my advice. Good luck.
  14. Phil

    P metallica project

    Nice. Great score getting a bunch of P mets.
  15. Phil

    my menagerie!

    In my opinion it is a little too large yes. Exo terra also have a reputation for causing injury when the claws get caught in the mesh so a lot.of us who have exos., replace the.mesh with acrylic. The best thing for the spider is also a lot more substrate to narrow the gap between the top of...