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  1. Mundo exotico

    What is your profession?

    I am portuguese cabin crew living in Milan
  2. Mundo exotico

    H maculata out after 4 months hidden

    My Female Jackie Bolt came out for cricket today. I think she has been hiden since october or november.
  3. Mundo exotico

    Comment by 'Mundo exotico' in media 'C Versicolor rehouse check'

    Thanks. It is a bit large but I will start travelling more in April and its easier to my wife to take care while Im away. :)
  4. Mundo exotico

    C versi 3.5 inch

    Thank you. Nice article. Its so difficult to sex. The molts were destroyed
  5. Mundo exotico

    C versi 3.5 inch

    Hello all, What do you think m or f?
  6. C Versicolor rehouse check

    C Versicolor rehouse check

  7. Mundo exotico

    Hi from Ireland

    Hello and welcome. Coming back to hobby is always great. Cheers
  8. Mundo exotico

    Psalmopoeus Irminia ICU

    I would do like Enn49 advise. Inside her enclosure in a dark place with water dish and let her rest and gain energy. Drop some drops of water in fangs. Check her one day after.
  9. Mundo exotico

    Psalmopoeus Irminia ICU

    Hello. It happened to me with m balfouri sling. It came curled and not moving. I put her in enclosure near the burrow with waterdish and misted her a bit. After 1day she went inside the burrow. I left also half tenebrio in front of the burrow. Next day it was gone.
  10. Mundo exotico

    Arachnoclown's tarantula room and enclosures

    Do you rent the bedroom for my holidays? :) Looks really cool man
  11. Mundo exotico

    February 2021 photo competition entries

    Thank you. I think my wife likes her more than me:)
  12. Mundo exotico

    Enclosure for C versicolor and m balfouri

    Thanks for advise. The rocks are stuck to the ground. They are quite long