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  1. Dinner time

    Dinner time

    My little grammastola pulchra enjoying it's dinner
  2. Another shot

    Another shot

  3. UV light look amazing

    UV light look amazing

  4. My new scorpion

    My new scorpion

  5. Mr.T

    U.K. Tarantulas for sale

    Hi was wondering whats left in the list was looking to see if you still have B.hamorri 4inch female and the P.irminia 5inch female.... Thanks
  6. Mr.T

    Molting or ... dying?! Help!

    that's good news, hopefully all is well :)
  7. Mr.T


    @Phil well that's new to me and I was going to look after him and I do have some micro crickets, I will build him a small enclosure and see how he dose... and as you can see from the pics we will get on fine as you can tell HE LOVE SURFING THE WEB he can help me look for more bugs to join the...
  8. Mr.T


    We definitely do because he is jumping lol so I have answered my own question but I didn't no we did
  9. Mr.T


    this may be in the wrong thread... to the people in the UK or any people that may no... do we have jumping spiders in the UK.. And funny I'm asking a question as the little guy is sitting in the question mark
  10. black beauty stick insect

    black beauty stick insect

    peruphasma schultei
  11. my first scorpion.......

    my first scorpion.......

    Chaerilus sp Java
  12. Mr.T

    Can someone plz help

    @Kaden Alexander
  13. Mr.T

    Can someone plz help

  14. Mr.T

    Can someone plz help

    The picture may not help I will try to get a better one but if anyone could help with this.. when I got it, it was displayed as avicularia avicularia Guyana but I'm not too sure any help would be great thank you guys... Pet shop purchase this is my first tarantula and after reading about how...