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    Young Enthusiast From NY!

    Yes, I'm getting out of every bug hobby I have. Which is quite a few. Not sure why. Still love them, just don't have the burning desire to keep them any more. Someone is bringing them to a better home tmrw, and giving me some cash as a token of their appreciation.
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    US Starter Kit For Sale!!!

    I have a 1” C. Versicolor for sale, along with an enclosure, water dish, hide, substrate, peat moss, cork bark, fake plants. And of course the spider itself. Get it all for $75!!! Terms of Service: I ship ONLY via USPS in the continental US. Overnight is $35.00 2-3 day is $13. LAG only applies...
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    Kael's Ceratogyrus darilingi Journal

    How did you convincente your parejas instó pertinente you get an old world? Especialy a baboon? Sorry if yo spelled something incorrecto, have mí español auto correct on, working on my spanish haha
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    Nice job! Thank you! Seems like all the scammers are either in Cameroon, Africa, or in India haha.
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    U.K. Absolutely outraged- avoid 'Scotland Exotic Arachnids'

    Most trust worthy, best priced, best reviewed seller in the UK has ought to be @Phil , he just updated his stock, you should get something from him! Same goes for @LC72uk
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    Live Random Movie/TV Quotes.

    Just wondering haha.
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    Live Random Movie/TV Quotes.

    Interesting. Why so?
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    No longer needed thank you.
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    Live Random Movie/TV Quotes.

    What is it about clowns you like so much?
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    Any Instagram users here?

    No, but you can find a video of me wearing dark robes and a horse head dancing with someone with a unicorn head on it...
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    Live Random Movie/TV Quotes.

    Loved that movie!! Did you know number two is coming out on September 6, 2019? Another one: "We'll all float down here!"...
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    Possible Scammer Alert Anthony Dre

  14. Major 78

    Possible Scammer Alert Anthony Dre

    You bought from him?
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    Looking for some T females that are larger than 3", I regret buying only slow growing slings haha. Must be confirmed female, and larger than 3". Not sure what species I want yet... Please PM me the species, size, price, and if possible picture of what you have. Or email me @...