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    Hi, I’m new here!

    Welcome to the forum .
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    Hey there everyone!

    Hi and welcome .
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    Phidippus comatus lifespan?

    I have been doing abit research because am thinking keeping jumping spiders , and what I can gather Phidippus regius can reach maturity in several months and 1-3years lifespan .
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    Valhalla - never forgotten

    Sorry for your loss .
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    Hey everyone

    Welcome to the hobby and forum
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    Delayed introduction

    Welcome to the forum .
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    Slings, Juveniles, Sub-adults, Adults

    Should been what poeple are selling sorry thats trying to 2 things at once .
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    Slings, Juveniles, Sub-adults, Adults

    Its normally about 4cm on say 5-6 inch tarantula , but size does vary in different species , Cyriocosmus or a Theraphosa . You can always google it or look up what poeple are as slings juvies or sub-adult , adults .
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    Hello from Shelob and I!

    Hi and welcome to the forum .
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    Hi :)

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    New Here

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    Hi All!

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    Hello Everyone!

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