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    *Human Scrunch Pose* (Vent Thread)

    In that case as suggested get in touch with them. I my experience they reply to emails very quickly Regards Konstantin
  2. Konstantin

    *Human Scrunch Pose* (Vent Thread)

    Hi you need to select your country from the drop down menu in your shopping cart and it will adjust the shipping cost to £12.The default setting is £43 but it will override it once you do that. Regards Konstantin
  3. Konstantin

    Roaches vs. Crickets

    Hi roaches have higer meat to exoskeleton ratio and are usually more nutritional than crickets but it all depends on how you care for your feeders. I use mainly crickets as my Ts are not very keen on Dubias and the girlfriend while putting up with loose crickets will go mental if I have red...
  4. Konstantin

    45 X 45 X 60 Exo Terra.

    Hill scape Balfouri comunal comes to mind.haha
  5. Konstantin

    Phamtobeteus sp Costa

    Hi Thanks for sharing.He is gorgeous!! Regards Konstantin
  6. Konstantin

    Phormictopus auratus

    Hi all No moult yet Its been 200 ish days since its last molt and refusing food 80 days for my surprise as it usually eats right to about a week before it moults. Regards Konstantin
  7. Konstantin

    Grammostola Pulchra

    Hi all Few weeks ago Raven cleaned and closed her burrow. Initially I thought she will moult again as she does that when entering premoult but after a week and a bit she opened it and was poking her legs waiting for food.I fed her and she has been eating well since then.Needed to rearrange the...
  8. Konstantin

    First egg sack .Sooo so excited !!!

    Hi all The little ones are doing great. We had another moult at 65 ish day interval. Getting fuzzier with each moult. Regards Konstantin
  9. Konstantin

    Phamtobeteus sp Costa

    Hi all She is doing great.Its arround 5 inch atm so she got a house upgrade.Its considerably clearer than the old one so will be able to enjoy her looks better. Substrate is sage peat and vermiculite mix. Regards Konstantin
  10. Konstantin

    Your opinion: the most beautiful T species?

    Hi My top 3 are Theraphosinae sp panama Xenesthis sp blue Cyriocosmus leetzi Regards Konstantin
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    Bald/Dry Abdomen

    Also try not to disturb it unnecessary .It will be like brand new after it moults
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    Bald/Dry Abdomen

    Hi your tarantula has just kicked some hairs.White fluffy (dry ) bit is loose hairs not dandruff. lol They do that when they feel threatened(startled)as defence mechanism.Your species Brachypelma bohemei is particularly known for being a notorious hair kicker.It may be inpremoult as it seems...
  13. Konstantin

    Thoughts on Exotics Lair??

    Hi Tom Moran is a good source of husbandry and care information and promoting good tarantula keeping practices. Exotics Lair and Dark Den are mainly for viewers entertainment rather than the best care for the animals.Their practices are sometimes questionable too.I don't consider them good...
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    Hi from Ireland

    Hi Welcome to the forum and welcome back to the hobby. Regards Konstantin
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    Need Quick Help!?

    Hi If it was me I won't get involved. Just wait it out.You are likely to do more harm than good if you intervene. Regards Konstantin