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  1. Josh

    T Adoption Needed in Massachusetts

    https://turnto10.com/news/local/animal-shelter-in-massachusetts-seeks-home-for-tarantula Anyone able to go get our mans?
  2. Josh

    Good website for researching

    Wow that is pretty neat. A little dense but much more useful than research info usually is!
  3. Josh

    Giant white knee

    What a beautiful T Nice enclosure!
  4. Josh

    Happy to join! Youtuber From UK

    Welcome! Give us a shout out on your channel some time!
  5. Josh

    US Seeking tarantula feeder + care taker in the Nashua, NH area!!

    You're gonna have to pay a bit more for someone with experience! Isn't that a pretty affluent area too? $10/hr seems really really low.
  6. Josh

    Tarantula Bot on Twitter

    Hey guys, Been playing around with a Twitter bot and I have this one randomly displaying images from member galleries. Check it out and give us a follow! https://twitter.com/TarantulaForum
  7. Josh

    True spider sex? Zebra spider

    Yeah it's not gonna be possible with those photos. I just picked up one of these https://smile.amazon.com/Plugable-Microscope-Flexible-Observation-Magnification/dp/B00XNYXQHE/ref=sr_1_4?crid=2UOBT7AB6XIII&dchild=1&keywords=usb+microscope&qid=1608580365&sprefix=usb+micros,aps,214&sr=8-4 A little...
  8. Josh

    Happy yo be here

    Droppin in to say Welcome!
  9. Josh

    My mantis egg hatched !!

    Soooooo cool! what're you gonna do with them all?
  10. Josh

    Greeting from Colorado!

    Welcome to the forum! Thanks for joining!
  11. Josh

    Hanging on for his life :3

    RIP dude. that ride wont last forever
  12. Josh

    US The Bug Plug

    Anyone do business with these guys? https://thebugplug.store/ Curious what your experience was. How the Ts showed up, packaging, expediency, etc. Thanks in advance!
  13. Josh

    Possibly getting my (unexpected) first scorpion. Tips for scorpion care?

    You can keep the dune scorpion on coco husk. I've done it. They prefer something they can burrow into though if possible. Temp should be fine. They're nocturnal so shouldn't need any supplemental heat
  14. Josh

    Media section enquiry

    This should be fixed now!
  15. Josh

    Media section enquiry

    Can you send a screenshot to [email protected]