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  1. iHappyfi

    Emerald C*ckroach breeding fail :(

    I purchased some emerald c*ckroaches around a month ago, I have a MM and adult female. The female had some tiny white babies a week ago, but I've found a few dead and the others are presumed dead. I keep them at room temperature (18°C) in dry cocofibre with one corner damp. They have a cork tube...
  2. iHappyfi

    Thistle mantis bad moult

    I recently purchased a Blepharopsis mendica female for the western invertebrate show. Soon after getting her home she moulted and her wings look very deformed. Will this be significantly detrimental to her health? She hasn't eaten since the moult so should I expect a loss in my collection ;(
  3. Harpactira pulchripes F

    Harpactira pulchripes F

    Just got this beautiful girl from @Danlio, getting back into the hobby !
  4. iHappyfi

    U.K. T's for sale

    All sold
  5. iHappyfi

    U.K. T's for sale

    Chilobrachys sp Cambodian blue AF + MM £75 Chilobrachys sp Kaeng krachan AF £50 Chilobrachys sp Penang AF £50 Chilobrachys Huahini SAF £35 Chilobrachys sp Aladdin SAF £45 Chilobrachys guangxiensis 2cm sling £10 Lasiodora Parahybana large female juvi £30 Psalmopeus Cambridgei large...
  6. iHappyfi

    Chilobrachys sp Camodian blue pairing

    He has laid a sperm web but I haven't seen any tapping yet, I will watch and see. Thanks for the help, I'll keep you updated :)
  7. iHappyfi

    Chilobrachys sp Camodian blue pairing

    My male matured out around 2 weeks ago ready for my adult female. I put him in the enclosure with her and he seemed to be feeling around so I was expecting drumming as he comes to the entrance of her burrow. But nope.. he just walked in there and decided to seal himself in? She of course chased...
  8. iHappyfi

    Comment by 'iHappyfi' in media 'IMG_20200703_131013.jpg'

    Yep! I couldn't resist lol
  9. Mastigodroctus gigantea (giant vinegaroon)

    Mastigodroctus gigantea (giant vinegaroon)

    Just picked up this little dood from the local pet shop, has a little kink in the tail but should be fine after next moult. I've called him/her Vega.
  10. IMG_20191010_173859_953.jpg


    My male California kingsnake, Casper
  11. IMG_20200703_131013.jpg


    Beautiful AF Chilobrachys sp Cambodian blue
  12. IMG_20200618_124337.jpg


    Chilobrachys guangxiensis sling
  13. iHappyfi

    Who's molted today

    Chilobrachys sp Thailand freshly molted.
  14. iHappyfi

    Chilobrachys sp Thailand? And ogre faced spider

    [QUO They said they've had her from juvi but still a rough guess. No I don't mind, she's lovely and happy to have her. I'm sure she'll last a few years yet and will be an awesome addition :)
  15. iHappyfi

    Chilobrachys sp Thailand? And ogre faced spider

    The seller got back to me and yep she is around 5 years old and wild caught. Strangely docile for a while caught.