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  1. GarField000

    Who's molted today

    My B.boehmei :D ...
  2. GarField000

    Opinions needed please!

    The pinktoe (Avicularia/Caribena) species are 'treespiders'. When I started I found those harder to take care for. Where do I put the waterdish, how can I feed it if it doesn't eat from the tongs. Aphonapelma seemani, Brachypelma, Tlitocatl (albopilosum, vagans) or Grammostola species are very...
  3. GarField000

    P matalica

    It's P.metallica and the picture/attachemnt is not working .....
  4. GarField000

    GBB Sling staying on walls

    I have 3 slings an none off them go to the ground. Substrate is dry. Waterdish. Once or twice if wintertime I drip some drops on the web. They stay always on top of their web or on the sides.
  5. GarField000

    GarField's Tarantula Picture - Video - Chat Thread

    Last night my both G.pulchripes molted. Just a qukc pick from both.
  6. GarField000

    Hes back!!!!

    And not all are good. Some populair ones are only for sensation and have so many subscribers. People Like Tom Moran with very, very, very good information only has 25k or so.
  7. GarField000

    T albopilosum humidity?

    Humidity is not important, moisture is.
  8. GarField000

    Help! sling is not eating

    New T's that do not eat I give dead food. If they don't eat the dead food 2 times I presume premolt. With some it's easy to spot and it takes longer (my G.pulchripes are in pre-molt for 5/6/7 weeks. One is molting today ... With my gbb it didn't eat on sunday (I feed once a week on sunday) and...
  9. GarField000

    Europe Creatures From The North

    I ordered a misterybox from them and was sent monday. I have no idea how long it will take for it to arrive in holland. Very excited .... it's a birthday gift for my girlfriend ... welll for us that is.
  10. GarField000

    Help! sling is not eating

    There could be several reasons why it's not eating. Adjust to new enclosrue, of going into a molt, the food is alive (not sure how small they are?) ... Just try and feed it once a week. You can pre-kill a cricket at leave at in so she kind eat while you are not watching :D My B.boemei didn't...
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    GarField's Tarantula Picture - Video - Chat Thread

    Last night my B.hamorii had a new skin. Finally the colors show ...
  12. GarField000

    Who's molted today

    These 3 molted this week at my place .... Stromatopelma calceatum Hapalopus triseriatus Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens
  13. GarField000

    1/4 inch hapalopus (pumkin patch) sling care

    It will molt often but don't grow much :D My girlfrined love this species ... I have a corkbark but he's not under their. He webbed from corkbark/mos to fake plants and created his own little hide. He loves food btw but they bolt out quick if disturbed. Rather then go in hiding they go outside...
  14. GarField000

    Hes back!!!!

    I saw this movie in my suggest YT part and watched it. I don't know the guy honest ... but the first thing i thougt was W000000000000t, no more T's because a move? I don't care where I move to, even if it was to the US I would never leave my T's or sell them. I don't know about laws so that...