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    US 4” Inch cyriopagopus lividus for sale

    @ArachnoKing Please supply TOS.
  2. Enn49

    US For Sale: Phidippus texanus

    @yatesmrs Please supply TOS
  3. Enn49

    Not finding anything i like.

    I don't know if you can get these in the US but I find them great for the juvis and dwarf Ts https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ant-Housing-Ant-Farms-Tarantula-Spider-Insect-Cage-Tank-Plastic-Display-Box/171351436534?var=470406029890 They're made by Stewart and often called Cadbury boxes. They're very...
  4. Enn49

    Which T’s should I keep

    Pseudoclamoris gigas (formerly Tapinauchenius gigas) is thought to be one of the fastest Ts around.
  5. Enn49

    My First T

    Hello and welcome. :)
  6. Enn49


    Hello and welcome :)
  7. Enn49

    First T’s

    Hi Eric, welcome to the addiction.
  8. Enn49

    Who's molted today

    My Tapinauchenius violaceus, Macushi, moulted today
  9. Enn49

    September/October 2020 photo competition entries

    My apologies for forgetting to post a competition for September so this one will run until Saturday 31st October at midnight BST Entries are invited for this months contest which is open to all arachnids. Remember only 1 entry per person.
  10. Enn49

    Rehousing nightmare

    She's still P*ssed with me. I dropped 2 Dubai's in for her last night and got another threat from her. This morning I find she had moved her old piece of wood a good few inches across the tank and was still sitting on it, she's now half on her wood and half on the glass so I'm guessing it's...
  11. Enn49

    Rehousing nightmare

    I knew a rehouse might be needed soonish but over the last week Sable, my Phormingochilus arboricola, had trashed her tank completely. plant down and pulled forward then substrate piled on top and she was sitting huddled on top right beside the door. ExoTerra arboreal tank washed out, wood...
  12. Enn49

    My son would like to ask if anyone could “sex” his tarantulas.

    Brilliant pictures. :T: My guess would be top - female and bottom - possible male :D
  13. Enn49

    Who's molted today

    My Orphnaecus sp negros, Bago has moulted
  14. Pterinochilus murinus Tete BCF - Maasai

    Pterinochilus murinus Tete BCF - Maasai

  15. Enn49

    Resin water dishes.

    Most of my larger ones are pretty old now but always worked well when I had my snakes in fact I currently have one in use in my Royal Python's vivarium which still holds water for up to a week. I did buy a batch of tiny ones when I started keeping slings and they were terrible, as you say empty...