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    US Seven Wonders Reptiles

    Just ordered 2 Ts from 7 wonders. His communication was great and he cares about the animals and won't put them in harm shipping them. He sent pictures when asked and has great competitive prices. I will do business again.
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    I've been on both for about 15 years and this might not be the most informative forum its better in many ways. The classified just to start is way better than arachnoboards weird loopholes to post a classified post. Not to mention the indepth discussion isn't stopped by moderators that think...
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    Attack of the mould

    Mold isn't harmful letting the substrate air out will clear that up. Or get some springtails.
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    G Pulchra Advice Needed

    I think thats a great set up. If you do use this with a sling that size make sure its eating what you drop in. Pulchra grow slow so like Casey said maybe a smaller enclosure for a bit.
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    US Selling half of my collection. Local pickup only.

    Someone better put that megaphobema mesomelas to good use
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    US Iso Theraphodsa/Xenesthis

    Found blondi and intermedia Just looking mesomelas megaphobema at this point.
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    US Iso Theraphodsa/Xenesthis

    Still looking around 1" adding mesomelas megaphobema Theraphosa Blondi Theraphosa Apophysis Xenesthis intermedia Xenesthis immanis
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    US ISO slings

    I'm looking for these as well did you ever find anymore?
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    US Iso Theraphodsa/Xenesthis

    Happy new year bumb
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    Omg my dream a gravid pulchra. I have two babies so my dream might be happening in 5 years
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    US Iso Theraphodsa/Xenesthis

    Thanks not looking to spend that much on 1 right now. I rather get two slings and watch them grow.
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    US Iso Theraphodsa/Xenesthis

    Size and price?
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    US Iso Theraphodsa/Xenesthis

    Looking for a sling of either of the following. Theraphosa Blondi Theraphosa Apophysis Xenesthis intermedia Xenesthis immanis If you have isopods also. Thank you. Shipping to 19446 Pa. PayPal.