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    A. chalcodes ventral sexing. Male??

    Thanks! Very excited that my guess was right haha, thank you for the response!
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    A. chalcodes ventral sexing. Male??

    Not a lot of experience with ventral sexing, so I wanted to ask for a second opinion! Just picked up this juvenile A. chalcodes yesterday, about 3" legspan. Based on a few google searches my guess is male, anyone else have an idea?
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    Advice for Drying Out Coco Fiber

    is it safe to put it in the oven on a pan? or should i put something in between it and the metal?
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    Advice for Drying Out Coco Fiber

    Hey there! I was wondering if anyone had any advice for drying out coco fiber in the fall/winter? I'm due for a rehouse and I need to soak a new substrate brick, but it's finally reaching the point where it's too cold to leave it outside to dry. Has anyone had experience successfully drying it...
  5. My Tarantulas :)

    My Tarantulas :)

    Pictures of my tarantulas! Pretty self-explanatory
  6. "Metal Sonic" freshly molted

    "Metal Sonic" freshly molted

    Chilobrachys sp. electric blue Woke up this morning to a fresh molt!
  7. "Metal Sonic" showing some of their new colors :)

    "Metal Sonic" showing some of their new colors :)

    Chilobrachys sp. electric blue As of this most recent molt you can see the beautiful blues on their fangs and legs, super exciting!
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    I’ve seen that I have been getting some mold growing on my trenchless Burrow log

    I’m pretty sure these laws are primarily because the USA has such varied environments that we could easily create an invasive species problem. For example, some feeders like dubia roaches aren’t legal in Florida because they would thrive in that environment.
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    Hello, new keeper here!

    Hi there! I bought my first tarantula (a juvenile Avic avic m6, about 1 1/2") about a month and a half ago on April 4th after much research... and now I have four of them. Needless to say I'm a little addicted... I picked up my second about 2 weeks later, adopted off of someone local. They're a...