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    Comment by 'Brewdaddie21' in media 'P. Metallica'

    That’s awesome to hear. I can’t wait for the mature colors to come in.
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    Comment by 'Brewdaddie21' in media 'P. Metallica'

    It sure does. It ate yesterday though so idk if it’s going to happen anytime soon.
  3. P. Metallica

    P. Metallica

    This is my 1” P. Metallica. Just got a speed light for my camera and the results are incredible!
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    US ISO Sub-Adult P. Murinus (red color form) OBT

    I’ll get back to you in a bit. Can you send pics of the 4” female
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    US ISO Sub-Adult P. Murinus (red color form) OBT

    Is it the red color form?
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    US ISO Sub-Adult P. Murinus (red color form) OBT

    Hello. I’m looking for a sub adult red color form OBT, preferably female. Please let me know if anyone has any available. Not really looking for slings.
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    Comment by 'Brewdaddie21' in media 'C. Versicolor'

    I mean if there were an easy way to do that I definitely would love to. But I don’t think shipping T’s back and forth is a great idea
  8. C. Versicolor

    C. Versicolor

    Really proud of this shot!
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    Comment by 'Brewdaddie21' in media '691F2F7A-07F3-46B4-A176-AE1EE504C4C8.jpeg'

    It’d be nice to win first try. And yeah, phones are never the best to show how beautiful your tarantulas look. I have a Sony a5100 body I don’t use. The lens that comes with it is acting wonky but still works.
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    Comment by 'Brewdaddie21' in media '691F2F7A-07F3-46B4-A176-AE1EE504C4C8.jpeg'

    I already did, my photo is the one of the C. Cyaneopubescense
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    US Casey K's Tarantulas Review

    Ordered a G. Pulchra from Casey. Communication was awesome, very quick to respond so it made the whole process go smooth and fast. They were able to accommodate shipping to the facility due to higher temperatures in my area. Packaging was sufficient and kept the T safe. I would recommend going...
  12. 691F2F7A-07F3-46B4-A176-AE1EE504C4C8.jpeg


    G. Pulchra