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Recent content by Aracnoenthusiast

  1. Aracnoenthusiast

    Taco anyone?

    How tall are all of you that have driven Tacoma's? I'm 6'4" . And I've sat in them for test drives fine enough. Just wondering about long term comfort? Road trips and such
  2. Aracnoenthusiast

    Feeding my C. Blue

    A webbed over burrow entrance means "do not disturb " it could be preparing to molt. A cricket or other prey can harm or kill a molting t. They tend to lurk at the opening when hungry. If you see legs sticking out of the entrance that's a good sign that its hungry.
  3. Aracnoenthusiast

    Webbing herself in?

    That means leave her alone and keep the water dish full
  4. Aracnoenthusiast

    Taco anyone?

    I'm gonna do it. Waiting on the dealer to call so I can place my deposit on Tacoma offroad
  5. Aracnoenthusiast

    What is your profession?

    Churched up: Marine technician. Joe dirt: I work on boats
  6. Aracnoenthusiast

    Thoughts on Exotics Lair??

    The lair= icky yucky
  7. Aracnoenthusiast

    Taco anyone?

    That Is a beautiful truck. Lol. You beat me at spiders and trucks sir
  8. Aracnoenthusiast

    Taco anyone?

    What's the maintenance like on the shocks
  9. Aracnoenthusiast

    Taco anyone?

    I wanted the trd pro, but I cant justify the 1500$ per shock when they need replacement. But if I read correctly the offroad has the same ground clearance. I'm excited to go to look at one early March
  10. Aracnoenthusiast

    Taco anyone?

    I'm thinking pretty hard about getting a Toyota Tacoma, offroad. I know that numerous members here like to go exploring, so, what are everyone's thoughts on the Tacoma's? Do you have one? Do you like it? Anything to watch for?
  11. Aracnoenthusiast

    Comment by 'Aracnoenthusiast' in media 'Found this fellow in the sink'

    If you're cold, they're cold. Bring them inside
  12. Aracnoenthusiast

    Epoxy resin for preserving molts

    Tables are more my speed
  13. Aracnoenthusiast

    Who's molted today

    And done! I'll snag a picture of the new suit when I get off work
  14. Aracnoenthusiast

    Who's molted today

    Progress at lunchtime