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    Horned baboon sling

    Ceratogyrus darlingi "rear horned baboon " All Ceratogyrus are kept the same. Deep dry substrate with the bottom layers lightly moist.
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    Tarantula memes

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    Injured Tarantula

    I have "tried" saving many stung spiders in the past. The spider doesn't need to start eating until it's moving around alot on its own. This could be months down the road. Just water for now.
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    Injured Tarantula

    ICUs for tarantulas are a joke. Stuffy humid environments for spiders are not a good thing. Many arid tarantulas like the one you have do not do good in wet stuffy environments. A clean container with some substrate is all you need.
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    Injured Tarantula

    Feeding it will cause another set of problems including mites. Just water is all it needs for now.
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    Moves their older post back up to the top of the new threads by posting a comment on it.
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    Tarantula Books

    Charlotte's web is a good book on spiders...
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    S. calceatum and H. maculata

    I've got females of both. Super secluded spiders. When they are out they blend in so well you don't even recognize them. Speed wise they may be faster then a Poecilotheria but not as fast as a Pseudoclamoris gigas. Both are highly recommended but for none skittish people only.
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    US Casey K's Tarantulas Review

    Not seeing your previous posts...like I said you only had 2 messages on your account. If you are using another account then @Enn49 May need to delete one or both.
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    US Casey K's Tarantulas Review

    I'm smelling some BS here... You've had your account since April and only have two posts. One to sell stuff and another just now. Why not mention this before in a post??? $1600 and now your speaking up....
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    20+ yr old Chilean Rose Moult?

    Yes, I've found Grammostola and Alphonopelma like to roll the ball around. Some Brachypelma/ Tliltocatl do too but it's hit and miss with individuals. Theraphosa and Lasiodora toss them out like trash/bolus, they don't want them around. Poecilotheria throw them out of their hides/ cork tubes but...
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    T stirmi help

    Your hide needs to be covered with substrate. Theraphosa stirmi are heavy bodied and their abdomen often drags on the ground. Your hide is too rough for a spider that comes from the soft jungle floor.
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    20+ yr old Chilean Rose Moult?

    Euathlus (Brachypelma) smithi and Theraphosa stirmi. 1982 sir, one of the first Theraphosa stirmi in the U.S. Both spiders were given to me to take care of by a local college for the summer. At the end of the summer they had new speciems and said I could keep them. I was 10 years old at the time.
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    20+ yr old Chilean Rose Moult?

    I have a Grammostola porteri @ 24 years old. I also have a Grammostola rosea @ 21 years old.The porteri molted last in 2016. The rosea last molted in 2018.