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Phormingochilus Everetti

Phormingochilus Everetti

The moult just before the pattern started showing on the abdomen (Sarawak Earth Tiger)
@AndrewClayton could you repost a link to that pic again? Wasn't able to see it. Thanks buddy! I was looking them up in the tarantulapedia and I saw pics of the stripes on the abdomen revealed, what a marvelous looking T! Bet they are hard to come by. How's her temperament?
Can you see it now. The guy I got the sling from has a YouTube channel and the breeding of my little girl on it search tarantulas Glasgow and it’s the Phormingochilus Everetti mating video it’s crazy the size difference between males and females and totally different.
Slings are quite common over here you don’t see them at any other sizes. So far she has been pretty chilled for an OW arboreal prefers to hide than threat pose, pretty good eater as well will happily tackle larger prey
@AndrewClayton oh wow what an awesome and exquisite T! I am intrigued and want to learn more about this species! You got me interested in trying to find one for my collection now :D I love the challenge in keeping an OW, especially the enigmatic ones! Blessings to you and your gorgeous T my friend! Keep me posted!

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