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Nice! Im considering getting a poeci. How would you compare the temperment of an obt to a Poecilotheria striata? Im guessing the OBT is a bit more tempered than the poeci?
I've never kept a Poeci, although I know the OBT isn't afraid of coming at you and fighting whereas I've read Poeci are slightly more flighty. Flighty... is that a word?
Thats what i figured. Seeing videos of the obt and the poeci ive noticed the obt with come at you. The poeci does seem flighty most of the time. And i do think flighty is a word. My auto correct recognized it. If it isnt then it should be. Have you been bitten by your obt yet?
No (knock on wood) I haven’t. Here’s hoping I never do. Although if anyone has I’d love to hear their story!
Im quite interested in bite reports. I searched the forum for 'bite report' but didnt find anything.

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