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Not a T

Not a T

2 of 4 new dart frogs I have just acquired. They are so lovely.
Beautiful frogs Phil, I had some, now have dendrobates ‘sipaliwini’
but really love azureus, my favourite, Congratulations on them, they are adorable creatures to watch, always busy and climbing and hunting.
@Tabitha yeah, was just telling someone at work, it reminds me if the scene In the new Jurassic world film, when the velecaraptors all lines up waiting to be fed the rats. All 4 were just looking up at me from the viv just waiting for the food...it was adorable.
@Phil yes, so funny how they line up for food, do you breed f fly cultures? I did but kept getting mites so buy cultures now.
I have my frogs in a 4x3x2ft Viv and they use every square inch, climbing up into the canopy. Awesome to see.
The Azureus are just gorgeous so enjoy!!!:) V. Jealous!!:D
@Tabitha just going to buy cultures. they also take micro crickets which I always have so a bit of variety for them. They have such a great character. Just need to get 4 blue related names sorted....ha ha
@Phil good call on the cultures, I get mine from advanced husbandry, I open the pot and leave the whole culture in there with a piece of fruit, then it’s self service.
Good luck on the names! :)

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