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My 1st tarantula anniversary

My 1st tarantula anniversary

I just realized that it was a year ago yesterday when I decided to turn around, walk back in to the pet store and buy this charming stripe-legged lady, Maisa ♥
@Enn49 - Thank you. Shall there be many to come :D

@Phil - Yeah. I went to see if the pet store still had B. vagans for sale. They hadn't, but I saw this one - a pricey (as always in pet stores) unsexed genic juvenile. I kept watching her for a while but since I hadn't read anything about genics, I just left the store. Halfway back to my car I stopped, googled if genics are ok for a beginner, walked back and got her :D I was so happy when I found out "it" was a she, because then I knew that we should have several years together.
Congratulations, that’s a lovely story, hope you have lots more years together.
Genics are such fun. Great photo too.

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