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A. avicularia
Casey K.

A. avicularia

I woke up to this this morning. Hopefully it turns out better than my versie sac did (all dried up).
@Enn49 thanks Enn! I swear for every tiny grandbaby I have out of my T's I grow one new gray hair for each one, lol....Almost like keeping kids!!! Lmao!
I'm thinking I'm going to dip my toes into the breeding aspect for the first time this new year any advice?
@N8tive556 yeah- start out with baboons .....They're fairly easy to breed!!! M. balfouri especially. They do very well as a communal and the mom is superb at caring for her babies!!! She kills food for them and takes it back down to the burrow for them to eat. Then she will go back upstairs and eat for herself. :) If you choose this route, definitely keep the babies with mom until they're at least 4i. They do a lot better this way.
@Phil oh absolutely. Would you believe she had that done in a matter of 2-3 days? There was absolutely no webbing at all in her enclosure. When she started to get busy I knew something was up, lol.
@Phil thank you! Always happy to give advice or offer to educate those that love their critters! It's a win win for me because I also learn from those I educate. :)

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